"Health insurance is so frustrating!"

Which of these are most frustrating to you?

too expensive

don't have any coverage

unsure of benefits

no coverage while traveling

doesn't cover needed care

overwhelmed by options

deductible too high

avoid seeing doctor

doctor doesn't accept it

coverage is only temporary

unexpected medical bills

unaware of better options

"What's this all about anyway?"


  • This program does NOT include a sales pitch. You'll find out about all your options.
  • This program is NOT an information dump. You'll learn how to make sense of everything too.
  • This program will NOT leave you with homework. When it's over, you'll be done :)

We use Decision Science to help you make the best choice for you, and then help you sign up for it.  We get you across the finish line.

This program comes in three variations:

"Is this program even for someone like me?"

Yes, if you have ever:

  • wished you had better health insurance coverage
  • wondered  if you had the "right" coverage for your situation

Double yes, if you fall into one of these buckets:

You are self-employed,
including independent contractors, small business owners, entrepreneurs

You recently lost your job
and along with it, 
your health coverage

You're still working but you have 
no coverage from your employer
to help pay for your healthcare

"What does the program actually cover?"

  • The 3 biggest misconceptions about decision making
  • Decision science secrets used by Fortune 500 companies to make their biggest decisions
  • ​How to avoid being fooled by the most common traps throughout the history of health insurance
  • ​The most important principle to save money on your health insurance
  • ​Which 6 coverage options every person should be aware of and the key tradeoffs between them
  • ​How to take into account the single biggest unknown and still make the best decision possible
  • ​The top 5 factors to consider when selecting coverage
  • ​Based on your values, how to identify the best coverage for you

"So what do I get out of this?"

1.  You will walk away from this program with complete confidence you have the best coverage for your situation, even if you stay with your existing plan.  

2.  You may also find benefits like the folks Matt describes in these 1 min videos:




"Who's running this?  Are they any good?"

Decision Skills Institute

opportunities not burdens

The Institute helps people that might otherwise be overwhelmed by complexity, stress, or worry, to overcome those and take action.  

We took 50 years of cutting-edge research, applied for decades at the world’s most successful companies, and created a framework that empowers individuals to consistently make better decisions, leading to better results, faster.  

We are the Robin Hoods of Decision Science!

Tyler Ludlow

founder and chief decision scientist

After earning a degree in Applied Math and an MBA, Tyler studied Decision Science at Stanford University.  He then spent a decade mastering its application at Global 500 companies, leading decisions for a $750M investment, a global product launch, and more.

Tyler’s best decisions were marrying his wife and having their nine children.  Together they enjoy the outdoors – hiking, backpacking, rafting, ice climbing, etc.

Matt Allen

decision coach, health insurance

Matt began applying Decision Science while playing professional poker.  After earning a degree in Behavioral Economics, he began working in health insurance.  Matt's passionate about helping people that feel helpless.  In the past 5 years he has coached over 750 people in finding the optimal coverage for their unique context.

Matt also uses Decision Science in the most important context - at home, helping to raise his two daughters.

"Ok, ok, how do I register?"

Just click one of the sign up buttons below.  The sooner you register, the sooner your decision will be made, and the sooner you can stop worrying.

Test-the-Waters Option
  • 1 Hour Group Coaching
  • Health Insurance Secrets
  • Decision Science Framework
  • Real Life Examples
  • Make the Decision on Your Own

  • 1 Hour Group Coaching
  • 1 Hour Individual Coaching
  • All Benefits from EXPLORER plus...
  • Detailed Review of Your Unique Situation
  • Make the Final Decision Together
  • By-Your-Side Application Assistance
  • FREE Annual Review for Life!
White-Glove Service
  • 2 Hours Individual Coaching
  • All Benefits from PATHFINDER plus...
  • Fully-Tailored, 1-on-1 Content

This program is currently available to residents of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

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